Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

First Step in Gumbo Prep

The first step in preparing a delicious chicken and andouille gumbo is  cutting the meats into bite-size pieces, seasoning the meats with Spicy Lady’s Cajun Seasoning, and sauteing the meats in Spicy Lady’s Rosemary Basil Oregano Olive Oil and 3 Tbsp. of butter.

Vegetables for Gumbo

Step two is adding the vegetables to the gumbo.  I like to use corn, onions, garlic, celery, okra, green peppers, and carrots.  Saute them with the meats, oil, Cajun seasoning, sea salt, and ground black pepper.  (Adding some extra garlic granulates and onion granulates doesn’t hurt).

Gumbo Ready for Broth and Roux

Step three is cooking the meats and vegetables for about fifteen minutes.  Now the gumbo is ready for a vegetable or chicken broth.

Spicy Lady's Cajun Seasoning for Gumbo

Step four is adding a broth of choice, preferably vegetable or chicken and stirring the gumbo for a few minutes, so that all of the flavors blend nicely.

Roux Browning

Step five is making a roux for the gumbo.  This helps to make it thick and rich.  Brown 3 Tbsp. of a gluten-free flour in 1/2 cup olive oil. Remember to cook on low heat, so that the flour does not burn.  It’s ready when the flour turns a golden-brown color.

Gumbo Roux Ready

Step six is adding the roux to the gumbo.

Spicy Lady's Cajun Seasoning in Gumbo

Step seven is stirring the roux into the gumbo, pouring it over steamed rice, and eating it to your heart’s content.  This gumbo was absolutely scrumptious.  Let’s just say that there were no left-overs.

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